From a Weight Loss perspective I think it’s important to remember that for some people this has been and continuing to be the biggest challenge of their life.

I have my own idea on ‘How’ to achieve this. There are lots of good personal trainers and coaches, all with there own ideology. Find one that really works for you and most importantly get to know yourself first…what makes you tick? Because Self Awareness is everything! Especially, when weight loss is concerned.

As far as training clients the following pointers are what I pride myself on:

To help people achieve long term weight loss and maintain an ideal body weight because yo-yo dieting is no good for you

A well structured Balanced diet – no bad or banned foods but moderation is key!

Exercise that you really enjoy and this is so important. There are lots of people who don’t like exercise and this is fine but it’s so important that you are active in life. Find an activity that you are passionate about. We will look at the possibilities, together. If it’s gardening then so be it.

The final point is also important. I feel my purpose is to help people achieve. I believe in bolstering people so they can achieve more, more than they ever thought they could. I feel passionate about this.

So who will I appeal to?

Well, one of the key components to my three packages is ‘Support’. So someone who feels they need very tailored coaching and understanding. Help with managing Emotions so they work for you instead of against and Support with Eating. Helping you to break the vicious circle of negative eating behaviours and building more positive habits. Essentially, not using food as a way to cope. I have great Empathy with this and I would like to share my story with you if we ever meet.

I’d like to think I provide a more holistic approach to weight loss. Times have really changed and the needs of people are more diverse than ever. Therefore, Wellness Coaching and Unprecedented Support are key areas and these come with great Empathy & Understanding.

Step One

3 Steps to Total Fitness

Wellness Coaching

To help you maintain a positive mental attitude so you believe you can acheive your fitness goals

Massage Therapy

Take advantage of a muscle rub down to help your body recover more quickly after a workout session, or treat an injury that is not just from sport.

Personal Training

Get the weight loss you desire, build lean muscle and become physically fit

"Make one positive change last a lifetime..." Keith Crane